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Sophia Wisdom Arts Spiritual Business School where Women Lead Legacies gather Global Industry

About Us

SWA Spiritual Business School serves today's emerging spiritual online markets/industries and grows legacies focused women of legacy how to break market bounds, create new segments and push for innovative creation to parts of the industry & market that has not been seen.

We focus on the growing and evolving industry of spirituality and the impact women today are making in the esoteric and mystic schools realms. 

We understand the power of soul, heart and awareness of the soul embodiment process in service to business; to build Legacy. 

We ensure spiritual women of legacy have equal opportunity to breakthrough with the support of market place placement, strategy and analytical approach. We carry global market and industry changes by systems the way we choose to sell & shifting the way business has been done forever; ultimately shifting consumer behavior to fit the growing market.


Woman of LEGACY; spiritual legacy - I see you, I feel you. 

The call is clear. YOU WALK OF LEGACY

Each woman of this industry & her market she carries 

IMAGINE the strong potential to harness massive change and direction for our global market 



Imagine what could occur if we as women of legacy came together to carry our position in the market and industry. 

Imagine if we as women unified and build segments and parts of the world that carried the tune of all our life's work in our whole experience. 

Imagine as women we gathered with legacy. The shift on the global market and industries that would make. 

Join us in this community and program to awaken these parts in your business, self and soul to create heart-filled shifts and changes in the global industry, yourself and the way you interact with your reality to build legacy.

Join the movement of women lead legacies from the spiritual industry and market shifting consumerism, market behavior and global marketing behaviors in mass industries.

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